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Playground Markings and Parking Facilities: Our Work at West Drayton Academy

West Drayton Academy, located in Middlesex, sought to improve both its playground and parking facilities. The project involved creating 4 Square game outlines for the children’s play area and adding EV logos to existing parking bays, enhancing both recreational and functional aspects of the school environment. Designs & Lines was chosen to bring these enhancements to life, ensuring that both playground markings and parking bays met the school’s requirements and expectations.

Did We Have Any Challenges at West Drayton Academy?

The project did not present any significant challenges. This allowed for a smooth execution, which is exactly the way our team likes things! The main objective was to ensure that the installed markings were of high quality, durable and met the specific needs of the school. Our goal was to provide a seamless experience from consultation to installation, and luckily this is what we achieved.

Our Parking and Playground Markings for West Drayton Academy

The process began with a detailed consultation with West Drayton Academy to understand their needs. The school required three 4 Square outlines for their playground and six EV logos for their parking bays. We proposed our standard EV logos, which the school approved.

Implementing the Designs

  • Design and Approval: After discussing the requirements, we provided the school with designs for the EV logos and the 4 Square outlines. The school appreciated the clarity and simplicity of our standard EV logos.
  • Material Selection: We used high-quality, durable thermoplastic materials to ensure the markings would withstand daily use and weather conditions.
  • Installation: Our team scheduled the installation to minimise disruption to the school’s activities. The process was efficient and completed to the satisfaction of the school.

What About the Outcome?

The installation was completed smoothly and on schedule! The new 4 Square outlines quickly became a hit with the students, providing them with a new game to enjoy during their breaks. The game is even designed to assist with the development of skills like hand-eye coordination. The EV logos in the parking bays were also clearly visible, enhancing the school’s parking facilities for staff and visitors alike.

What the Staff Said About the Parking and Playground Markings

Jo Brill from the school’s Premises Team gave us this testimonial:

“Thank you, we will definitely be in touch in the future. Great service and the gentleman that came to our school to carry out the designs, I would welcome back anytime, very polite and efficient in his work. The children noticed the new 4 Square grids straight away.”

Our Conclusion

The project at West Drayton Academy demonstrates Designs & Lines’ commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of schools. By focusing on both recreational and functional enhancements, we were able to contribute positively to the school’s environment.

Our ability to provide clear designs, use durable materials, and execute efficient installations ensures that schools like West Drayton Academy receive the best possible service. We look forward to continuing our work with schools across Middlesex and beyond, transforming playgrounds and facilities to better serve their communities.

Does Your School Need New Playground Markings?

Contact Designs & Lines today to discover how we can transform your playground and parking areas with our high-quality markings. Whether it’s for recreational play or functional use, our team is here to provide solutions that meet your needs. We’ll even readily work around break times, lunchtimes, weekends, and holidays to ensure your school receives them on schedule.

Reach out now for a consultation and let’s start creating the outdoor space your staff and students need and deserve.

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