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School Playground Markings, London

Here at Thermo Plastic Designs and Lines (Designs & Lines), we’re constantly striving to be the best playground markings company in London. Our non-toxic designs eliminate any concerns that you or your institution may have, so you know when you choose us to bring life to your playground, you’ll be making the best and most ethical choice.

Playground Markings in London

London can sometimes come across as a bit of a concrete jungle, especially in built-up areas. Schools, first and foremost, need to represent a safe environment for learning and we understand the importance of helping children feel safe and secure. Our playground markings in London aim to add a sense of vibrancy and magic to the playground, encouraging children to take part in outdoor education, games and puzzle-solving. We believe that schools in London should embrace creativity and our playground markings are a step in the right direction.

The Benefits of Playground Markings

Playground markings make for a fantastic opportunity to help children learn while they play. Our playground markings come in a wide variety of games, colours, shapes and sizes. Our markings have been specially designed to encourage learning in the following core areas:

Playground markings are not simply bought to add a splash of colour to your playground. They play a fundamental part in encouraging children to enjoy education in a physical way and promote social development. For more information on our selection of playground markings, why not have a look at our stock?

Our Playground Snakes and Ladders Game

One of our personal favourites has to be Snakes and Ladders!

Snakes and Ladders is one of the classic playground games and has been for a number of years. As many are aware, Snakes and Ladders is a fairly simple and colourful board game, making it perfect for children to learn how to count and navigate their way around a board. All that is required for this playground markings game is a dice.
The rules of the game are simple. One player throws the dice and whichever number it lands on is the number of squares they must then cross on the board. The winner is the player that reaches the end of the board first. However, landing on a snake will see you fall down the board and a ladder will see you climb up higher to the finishing point.
This game is a fantastic way for children to socially interact with one and other and the game itself is very simple.

Our Service in London

We service every part of London with our playground markings. There are no playgrounds where we cannot implement creativity, no matter how big or small they appear. We believe in ensuring children’s playtimes are filled with educational fun. No playground should be dull and lifeless. A vibrant and engaging playground is so important for children, especially considering how some parents are now allowing their children to play with technology most days instead of taking them to a park or encouraging them to partake in fun, physical activity.

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For more information on our playground markings, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our friendly staff are always looking to add some fun to children’s playtimes, whether it’s in the form of playground games or simply adding some colourful characters to a previously dull area. Make the call today and watch your playground transform into an amazing activity area for children.

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