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Environment Policy

The Company Directors recognise the need to adopt high environmental standards in all areas of its operation and is committed to working in a ‘sustainable’ manner designed to prevent or reduce pollution and ensure the protection of the environment, its employees, contractors and neighbours.

In order to achieve this the Company will:

  1. Maintain and review systems, relating to the Company’s environmental aspects, to ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  2. Encourage employee involvement in environmental matters at all levels through participative action groups, communication, training and reporting of environmental performance.
  3. Set, publish and regularly review environmental objectives in order to achieve a continual improvement in environmental performance. The environmental objectives and targets identified during the assessment of significant environmental aspects reviewed at the quarterly Directors Review Meetings.
  4. Deliver our services, whilst considering environmental aspects, which minimize all forms of pollution.
  5. Actively source materials from certified, well-managed suppliers where recycled materials and products are available.
  6. Train employees who could have an effect on environmental impacts into the correct emergency procedures as well as the appropriate methods for; handling and using materials; operating and maintaining plant and equipment.
  7. Maintain and review systems to minimize waste through careful selection of raw materials; stock and process control; changes in operational procedures and the recycling and reclaiming of raw materials.
  8. Promote among suppliers and customers an appreciation of environmental issues with respect to the business.
  9. Maintain and review systems to ensure the optimum use of all energy sources.
  10. Review new technologies and material developments with respect to their environmental impact.

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