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Hopscotch: A History

We all know that hopscotch is considered a traditional game for children, but did you know that the earliest versions of the game were probably played by the Romans? This doesn’t mean children, either; it’s suspected the game was invented in order to help Roman soldiers improve their footwork while wearing full armour. Roman children are then said to have taken inspiration from watching the soldiers, playing a smaller version and adding a scoring system. 

The game soon became popular all over Europe, and the first recorded use of the game under the name “scotch-hop” was first recorded in the 17th century. People have been playing ever since.

How Can Hopscotch Help Your Kids?

Played singularly or with several players, hopscotch is a great way to help your kids keep fit, get their minds and coordination skills working, and keep practising their social skills. 

By taking turns to toss a small object (like a bean bag or another small marker) into the numbered grid, then jumping or hopping through the shapes to collect the object, they’re both exercising and improving their ability to work together. Working on their coordination and strengthening their minds comes in when they have to figure out how to hop or jump from one spot to another without touching the lines (or putting their other foot down, if they chose to hop!).

If you want to add a numeracy lesson in there for pupils, you can also help them to set up a game that requires them to shout out the numbers they land on. This can then lead to different variations, where they have to add up or subtract numbers as they go.

Why Choose Us for Hopscotch Playground Markings?

We love what we do, and we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with over 10,000 schools across the UK so far to bring them top-quality floor markings for their playground designs. From traditional hopscotch to mazes, grid activities, and other popular games, we have done it all and we’re more than happy to do it again.

We’re the team to set out your perfect set of hopscotch markings because:

  • We’ve got over 20 years of experience as independent suppliers and installers of marking designs for school playgrounds
  • We’ve worked with a host of different organisations, including schools, nurseries, children’s centres, and even local councils
  • We can offer bespoke designs to specification, including colours and dimensions
  • All designs come in durable, high-quality thermoplastic, which has a 4-year guarantee
  • Our experienced installation team will travel anywhere in the UK to get your hopscotch markings supplied and delivered
  • Installation is fast and can be completed whenever and wherever you need
  • We’re a price-competitive firm, so if you find floor markings of similar quality at a cheaper price, we can match or beat it

Fantastically Fun Floor Markings

If you’re looking to kit out your kids’ outdoor space with lots of different games to help with fun and fitness, Designs & Lines is ready to help! Our hopscotch playground markings are the ideal way to exercise and have fun while also thinking about your numbers. We can provide as many of these as you need in a range of different designs, on a schedule that suits your needs best.

We’ll even work weekends if this is what you need to get your school playground prepared for your pupils. Call us to place an order and arrange an installation, and we’ll take care of the rest. You won’t even have to worry about extra information – we offer everything you need to know as part of our service.

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