Create a Green Outdoor Space with Artificial Grass in London

At Designs and Lines, our team of suppliers and installers are ready and waiting to provide you with top quality artificial grass in London. Whether you’re based in the north-east of the capital, the south-west, or anywhere in between, we’ll be prepared to fit the layers to create your perfect evergreen space for sports and games.

One of our friendly team will be glad to speak with you about creating the perfect place for your kids to have fun. They’ll even be able to help you out with a free quote, if you already know your area’s dimensions.

If you already have an idea in mind for what your school needs, contact us today.

A worker pressing down artificial grass

Our Installations of Artificial Grass in London, UK

Our artificial grass is ideal for those spaces in London that don’t offer a lot of real greenery. It’s also great for those who do have real greenery available, but need a soft, safe play surface that can be easily maintained between break times and lunch. With a durable, UV protected, and “spring back” design, you’ll find everything you need for your school in the capital with our turf.

Whether you’re in the furthest corners of North West London, or practically in Kent you’re heading so far towards the South East, we can install it for you.

Supplying East London to West London with Artificial Grass

We carry out artificial grass installations anywhere in London, including:

  • Central London
  • East London
  • North London
  • South London
  • West London

When we carry out an installation, we take great steps to ensure you’re getting exactly what you have asked for:

  • Our installation team will travel to your location and help you work out the dimensions of the area you want transformed
  • They will supply and fit the turf layers exactly where you have asked for them, cut exactly to the dimensions you have available
  • We understand that you are busy carrying out the most important part of your job (teaching your pupils), so we’ll handle everything once you’ve placed your order
  • We’ll work around your schedule, even supplying and fitting products on weekends where needed

The Benefits of Fitting Artificial Grass in the UK

We understand that, before you consider buying a product, you’ll want to know how it could benefit you and your pupils. You may also be surprised to know that more schools, centres, and other organisations are calling on fitters of artificial grass to carry out installation work, because of how many benefits synthetic turf can provide!

Below, we’ve listed just a few of the benefits you’ll find when choosing artificial grass for a school in London, whether you’re based in the north-east or south-west:

  • Our durable, hard-wearing grass is ideal for even the rowdiest of kids to rush around on, and cannot be kicked apart or dug up by animals
  • The silica layer on the turf means that mud won’t stick, keeping your new lawn, your interior spaces, and your pupils clean
  • False grass isn’t affected by the seasons, or by our changeable UK weather, so it will stay green and “full of life” all year long
  • The product is hypoallergenic, so even those suffering from allergies and hayfever can enjoy it
  • The silica also prevents burns, if anybody slips
  • Artificial grass needs little to no maintenance, saving your groundsmen time and remaining cost-effective for your budget
  • Our fitters will install as much or as little turf as you need, whether you’ve had your mindset on a full football field or only need grass edging to complete the work
  • Synthetic turf in the modern-day looks and feels just as good as the real thing

Why Choose Us as Your Artificial Grass Suppliers and Installers?

An artificial grass strip

We love what we do, and we are delighted to say that we’ve worked with over 10,000 schools across the UK to transform their outdoor areas into the fun-filled play spaces and sports courts they need for games and learning. We think we might be the perfect team of fitters for any school based in North, South, East or West London, too, and we’ve provided a list of reasons why below:

  • We’ve had the pleasure of working as an independent firm for over 20 years, acting as suppliers and fitters of games, products, and turf for any spaces our customers require
  • We’ve worked with a whole host of organisations, including schools, local councils, and children’s centres. This includes building spaces across North, South, East and West ends of London
  • We’ll be happy to supply and fit your fake grass turf as you’ve requested, adapting the layers to suit your requirements where needed
  • If you’ve been imagining specific landscaping ideas, we can help make them a reality with our artificial grass
  • Our installation team is ready and waiting to travel to your location, where they will fit your very own high quality artificial grass
  • When you are looking to buy from us, we will be happy to match or beat any price found elsewhere

For a Clean, Evergreen Artificial Lawn

If, like many buildings in the heart of London, you don’t have much room or light for real grass, or even if you know you could be saving time and money on maintenance by fitting a hard-wearing substitute that will always be left neat and tidy, then why not buy artificial grass from Designs and Lines? As your specialist suppliers and installers of synthetic turf in the capital, we can arrange for you to receive your ideal installation when you need it.

Get in Touch

Contact us on the phone or send us a message today and you’ll find the service you need to supply you with the synthetic turf you need in any part of London, from the north and north west, to the south and south east. We even aim to make everything as free from frustration as we possibly can, so we’ll handle everything from the moment you place your order.

All you’ll need to do is let us know where you’d like your new lawn to be installed, make a note of any dimensions you feel need extra care and attention on our part, and we’ll take over from there.

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Design Ideas:

  • Coloured strip running track
  • Coloured patches for children to explore different colours
  • Sports pitches
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Crazy golf course
  • Creative outdoor play areas

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass?

Amazing 10 Year Guarantee!

Suppliers of the best quality Artificial Grass

Specialised Installers

Reduced risk of accidents

Create Mud-Free Areas, No more Muddy Footprints Back in School

Wide variety of Artificial Grass Products for Different Types of Play and Sport

Reduced time on maintenance