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Math Playground Markings

Maths playground markings for schools

We provide a range of playground markings specifically for the purpose of promoting the learning of mathematics among children. These markings make use of the method of active learning, where children learn experientially. Passive learning is the opposite approach. While it does have some advantages, there can be drawbacks. Teachers can control the classroom more with passive learning, but active learning requires more than listening. As a fundamental subject in primary schools, maths is crucial for a child’s development and academic potential. This is why it’s important to encourage learning mathematical concepts at every chance possible.

All of our designs use high specification thermoplastic playground markings that last up to 10 times longer than paint alone. Here we will explore some benefits of using maths markings in the design of play areas. School Playground Markings

Inspiring interactive maths learning for children

Interactive playground activities are essential for the healthy development of children. The impacts of technology in modern times create fundamental changes to the natural rhythms of child socialisation and physical activity. Many children learn by doing. This is a distinct advantage of the playground as a whole. In a world where physical spaces and interactions are becoming rare, a playground activity is a good opportunity to help a child learn.

As a result, the playground becomes an increasingly significant area for any child. The benefits of maths playground markings include:

The playground will always be an important physical space for children. Adding educational elements to this area can help create a bridge from the classroom to the playground. This helps bring a more seamless educational experience throughout the school day. Overall, maths markings provide an ability to help children self-teach in an environment of their peers.

What other educational playground graphics are there?

Our phonics markings can also teach important ideas about the subject of English – another crucial subject for children. Numeracy and literacy is something that a child transitioning into more complex subjects will require. Therefore, any opportunity for further learning is beneficial. We also carry weather and world markings that are suitable for education. The markings can teach geographical concepts such as navigation and the location of countries, continents or the position of planets within the solar system. By making use of grid designs it is also possible to help children actively engage with concepts such as addition and multiplication.

These can go together with basic maths markings as children learn more complex aspects of arithmetic. Grid designs may also make use of coordinates. This helps to show children concepts that can relate to other subjects such as science. Educational markings of many kinds can make a wonderful addition to a playground. By pairing these with more decorative designs it is possible to have an area that visually stimulates and engages a child in their learning. Playground games such as number target games can also be beneficial for maths and numeracy learning in children. Making use of a long jump marking can also introduce children to notions of measurement and distance.

Having multiple forms of markings is beneficial. It makes for an environment that is holistic and representative of a child’s overall learning experience at school.

math playground makrings

Effective and high-quality number markings

One of our goals is to provide long-lasting and environmentally playground designs. There are a range of designs for visual appeal, active learning and physical activity. While people can seek a wide range of options for materials, our weather-resistant markings last a long time and carry a 4-year warranty. Our competitive pricing also reflects our desire to promote sustainability for playgrounds.

To start building a modern and engaging playground environment the best thing people can do is download our brochure now for initial ideas or easily enquire today.

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