According to research taken by Percussion Play, there are around 16,000 playgrounds available for children in England alone. This is already a low number, we know, but imagining how neglected, worn out and run-down some of the equipment in these spaces will be, makes the complete picture even worse. This is why we strive to offer the highest quality work and services as commercial playground suppliers at Designs and Lines, so that every space we work with can be brought to its full potential with colourful, interesting playground markings. These should offer children of all ages the fun and relaxation they deserve, while helping them to develop skills and make friends at the same time.

If you have a playground that needs rejuvenating, contact our team today. One of our friendly members of staff will be glad to chat with you about everything your space needs, before we set to work on designing and manufacturing your perfect set of playground markings.

What We’ll Provide for Your Outdoor Play Area

We are proud to produce and install a fantastic selection of Thermoplastic playground games, markings and activities for schools and children’s groups and services across the UK. These designs are ideal for revitalising the look of any outdoor space, offering vibrant colours and engaging challenges that are bound to keep children of all ages occupied in their time outdoors. No matter if you work for a school and need a new set of cute animals or shapes to teach young students their phonics, or are looking to teach children new games at your local children’s centre, we will make exactly what you need.

Our Bespoke Offerings

Whenever an organisation brings an idea to us for a set of playground markings, we are always willing to accommodate so they can complete their outdoor space exactly as they have had it planned out on paper. This means ensuring that their markings are made and manufactured exactly as they are presented to us, with every specification taken into account.

As such, whether you’re looking to fill your commercial playground with games for children but need them to blend into a colour scheme or to fit around your outdoor playground equipment, we can make sure this is done for you. Similarly, if your playground has a particular theme, such as a jungle, town or pirates sailing the seas, we’ll be able to provide you with the shaped markings you need, from a menagerie of animals and any roadway design, to treasure islands and compasses. Alongside this, we’re prepared to manufacture completely new designs that you suggest to us as well.

We also understand that not every playground will be the same shape or size, or have the same space available if there is already equipment such as slides, swings or climbing frames installed. This is why we will work closely with you to ensure that your chosen designs will suit their intended outdoor location in every way possible, most notably by travelling to your site and taking a survey of the space. Contact us today if you believe your own playground may need its dimensions checked before any markings are installed and we can quickly arrange a time and date to carry out the work.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Playground Markings?

We are proud to work nationwide, collaborating with a range of organisations to complete the look of their outdoor spaces with both bespoke and ready-designed playground markings. We think we might have just what you are looking for in our selection, and we’re also happy to explain just some of the reasons our customers have made us their number one choice, over other firms. These may just be the reasons you decide to get in touch with our service as well:

  • We have over 20 years of experience as commercial playground suppliers, offering both the design and complete installation of all finished products
  • We’ve worked with a variety of different organisations and centres, including primary schools, nurseries, secondary schools, local councils and children’s centres, bringing them the designs that they have had planned for their outdoor spaces
  • Our trained and qualified team of installers will be ready and waiting to fit your purchases at a time which suits your schedule, even working weekends where necessary
  • We’ll happily match or beat any price that you bring to us for products you have seen available elsewhere
  • We only offer the highest quality Thermoplastic markings as play equipment, each of which are manufactured for durability
  • The material is also a form of safety surfacing, which ensures that it will meet all the necessary safety standards
  • Our products can be installed on most types of playground flooring material, so you can have the markings you need, no matter what type of playground you have
  • Thermoplastic markings are environmentally friendly, are available in a variety of colours and are designed to last up to 10x longer than paint. This ensures that children will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space for many years

Contact Us to Complete Your Commercial Playground

If you have been searching for commercial playground equipment in the form of long-lasting, cost-effective markings that will remain fun and fit for use for many years to come, then why not consider browsing through the collections we have here at Designs and Lines? We are passionate about providing high-quality markings for groups and organisations all over the UK, and we will be more than happy to act as commercial playground suppliers when you get in touch, completing the look of your outdoor space and getting it ready for use.

Our specialist team is always on hand to help and when you give us a call or send us an email, they’ll be ready to start discussing what you would like for your outdoor space. From selecting the designs you need, to taking note of any particular dimensions, they’ll ensure that your playground markings are made exactly as you have asked for them. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have before our work begins.

We also do everything we can to ensure that our service remains free from hassle and frustration wherever possible. This involves taking on most of the work ourselves, so that you can carry on with the important tasks you have to do during the day. All you will need to do to help us is select the products that will suit your space most, let us know where you would like them placed and we will do the rest. Your space could be ready for visitors in no time at all, and be fully equipped with the playground games and markings that the kids will just love.