Data Protection

The Company Directors recognise the need to adopt high standards to protect data in all areas of its operation and is committed to working in a ‘sustainable’ manner designed to prevent or reduce the misuse of data held by the company about its employees, customers, contractors and suppliers.

In order to achieve this the Company will:

  1. All data held by us will be treated as confidential at all times.
  2. All data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the freedom of Information Act 2000.
  3. Individuals and companies who we hold data on have the right to view that information by mutual appointment with the data controller.
  4. Data will only be held that is needed to ensure that the company can carry out its trade or fulfil its responsibility to any clients, customers, contractors local government, local authorities, enforcement bodies our staff or others that may legitimately require data held or collected by us.
  5. Data is collected by us on behalf of our clients, Government Departments or as a requirement of employment; or safety and environmental legislation; or other reasons from time to time, this data will be shared with the organisation we are collecting on behalf of and where necessary we will keep records of the data collected.
  6. Data will not be made available to third parties with the malicious intent to cause harm (physical or emotional), corrupt or ridicule.
  7. Data that is shared by the company will only be shared if the sharer has a legal requirement to access the data held.
  8. External organisations requesting personal or sensitive information must do so in writing to the data controller, outlining the reasons for the request.
  9. All data will be shared throughout the company to its employees and sub contractors where needed to carry out a specific task or job.
  10. All employees and sub contractors who have access to data will exercise discretion at all times, whilst ensuring they are working to this policy.
  11. All data will remain secure at all times to prevent accidental release.