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Have Fun and Stay Safe on Slip-Free Playground Markings

Safe and Engaging Playground Markings for Primary Schools

In a primary school playground, safety is paramount. But providing pupils with an engaging play environment is top priority, too. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering playground markings that not only inspire creativity and fun but also adhere to the highest safety standards.

We recognise the challenges that come with designing an outdoor play area meant to motivate pupils so they progress and achieve their full potential. You have to ensure enrichment, while still keeping up with new initiatives and regulations. Working in partnership with us means doing both at the same time.

Invest in our range of thermoplastic playground markings, transform your playground, and receive a long-lasting solution to concerns about safety. You can also get in touch with us if you’d like to conjure up some custom-designed markings to engage and encourage your kids, so they’ll be ready to imagine, exercise, and learn.

Choose from our huge selection of amazing designs.

children on the playground wearing hard hats and filling in survey forms

Understanding Playground Safety Regulations

All playground markings have to be non-slip and offer clear, understandable designs and descriptions. All schools have to adhere to regulations such as the BS EN 1176 standard. This is on top of local council guidelines you’ll need to use whenever you want to create and install playground markings.

As well as following these, Designs & Lines’ own high-quality markings are made from premium-grade thermoplastic. This conforms to BS EN 1436 (the European standard for road safety markings). It’s the same material used for traffic markings in London’s busiest congestion areas and on its new blue cycle routes.

If it can be used for cars and bikes, imagine how well thermoplastic does against school shoes, trainers, and plimsolls! It’s designed to last up to 10 times longer than regular paint, too, so you won’t have to renew the lines or markings to revitalise your outside space for a long time.

Safety is Our Focus

By simply ordering your school playground markings from us, you’ll be ensuring a better, safer outdoor play area for your students. We provide this peace of mind through:

snakes and ladders checkerboard playground marking

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Thermoplastic playground markings are all, by design, slip-resistant. In a place like a primary school play area, this is vitally important for preventing accidents and injuries. Kids can run and charge about without worrying that their shoes will lose their grip. In turn, you’ll get to watch them have fun without worrying about potential accidents.

Safe Materials

Not only are thermoplastic designs non-slip, they’re also non-toxic. Thermoplastic doesn’t release emissions when installed and it’s less likely to produce an allergic reaction than other materials. This makes it greener for the planet and great for children to play on day after day throughout the week.

Clear Visibility

The bright, beautiful, bold colours of our playground markings mean you’ll never miss them! Marking the edge of a sports court to separate the play space from a bench area, or dividing your playground up by different types of games, has never been easier or clearer. Kids will be able to tell where they can run, walk, or need to watch out for ball games.

children on the playground wearing hard hats and filling in survey forms

Easy Supervision

Having clear boundaries and zones across your playground can even help you in your monitoring. Knowing exactly what kids are playing, and where, can tell you where play is likely to be a bit more boisterous. As a result, you can keep a closer eye on activities and know where you might be needed at a moment’s notice.

Age-Appropriate Designs

We’ve got playground games and markings for every primary school key stage, so you can pick out the ones that are just right for your pupils. This might mean larger, easier games for infant classes who haven’t had as much development in their coordination. On the other hand, it might mean more complex activities for juniors.

Fully Accessible Games and Activities

Playground markings are an easy way of ensuring spaces are opened up as play opportunities, both for children who are able-bodied and children with disabilities. Flat, open spaces with floor-based games may have fewer obstacles around, making it less likely that children using wheelchairs will become stuck or unable to join in. This also means fewer tripping hazards.

Some of our happy customers

We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in delivering the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.

The markings look amazing and as soon as they were dry the children were all over them especially the Copy Me. Teachers commented it was lovely to see them enjoying them so much. I also heard comments on the main playground saying how smart it looked.

Your fitter was really good and very mindful of the complexities of working on a school site and safety issues that can arise which made it really easy for us.

Jo Slate
Orchard Vale Primary School – Devon

We have just had our playground markings revamped by Designs and Lines. From Day One, our children have been playing on the Daily Mile track, using the agility trails and our younger children love the race track. I’m so pleased with the final product and would recommend this company to any other schools looking to make their playgrounds a more exciting place for children to play. Thank you again!!

Katie Whitmore
Teversham C of E Primary School

Just to say thank you. The guys who came on site were great, the marking is lovely and the children are really enjoying it, so much so, they are arguing over who can use it first!

Please pass on my comments to the guys, as not all contractors on site are so understanding of working in a school, especially in the early years areas.

Sharon Keon, School Business Manager
Starks Field Primary School

The work that has been completed looks fantastic and I’m sure that we will be coming back for more.

The gentleman that did the work was lovely, very polite and did a great job. Please do pass on our thanks to him. The communication with your company throughout the process has also been excellent.

It has turned a drab playground into one that is now bright and fun! Roll on September when our
pupils return, they’ll love it!

Mrs Cath Narey, School Business Manager
Pocklington Junior School

I would like to thank your team for the wonderful work that they have carried out in both of our playgrounds at St. Mary’s: they look magnificent. It has been lovely to watch the children ‘discover’ them and devise ways to use them in their play. They are a wonderful addition to our playgrounds.

Once again, thank you so much for all that your company have done.

M. Brewer, Deputy Headteacher
St. Mary’s Prittlewell C of E Primary School

The playgrounds look fantastic and the children love the new markings!

Thank you so much for the excellent service! The team on site were professional, friendly, happy to stop and start at different times of day and consulted where necessary to ensure the markings were placed where we wanted.

James Wrafter, Deputy Headteacher
Marshlands Primary School

Thank you to everyone involved with the smooth running of the transformation of our playgrounds. Pupil and parents are delighted.

The service and care exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend Designs & Lines to other schools.

Angela Robinson, Director of Business
Reid Street Primary School

The playground has been injected with ‘new life’ it is bright and colourful and the children are absolutely delighted with the activities they can perform using the markings. The installers were professional, courteous and friendly in their manner.

We look forward to raising funds and working with you again.

Mrs Burdiss
Elmsett Primary School

Support Kids Safely With Anti-Slip Playground Markings

We’ve worked with schools, nurseries, and children’s organisations across the UK over more than 20 years of business. We’ve provided each of them with the ready-made or bespoke playground markings that best suit their spaces and provide their kids with the perfect, safe foundation for play, exercise, and outdoor learning.

Let’s collaborate to make your dream playground a reality. With our help, you’ll soon have an outside area that prioritises safety, creativity, and reflects your unique goals as a school community. Contact us today to start the journey towards a safer, more vibrant playground, full of healthy kids working and playing their way towards excellence.

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