If you have been searching for school playground markings, we provide a huge range of fantastic solutions that are non-toxic and long-lasting. As experts in playground design, we know what it takes to transform an outdoor space into something you can be proud of. We have been working in the playground design industry for over 15 years and there isn’t any problem we can’t overcome as a team. We are proud to install playground markings for schools around the country.

About Our School Playground Markings

School Playground Markings We are proud to work hard, transforming any and every outdoor space into a colourful place to play. Our playground installation work involves thermoplastic installations in childrens’ centres, schools, recreational areas, nurseries, and council spaces. Our customers expect high quality and our non-toxic playground markings help us deliver that. There are many benefits to our school playground markings:

  • Bright and vibrant colours
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Our line markings last 10x longer than paint
  • Warranted for 4 years
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and shapes
  • Markings that are able to withstand the changeable British weather conditions
  • Bespoke design options

Another benefit of choosing our school playground line markings is that we work hard as a team to achieve your ideal dream playground. If you can’t find a design you like the look of on our website, call us today! We are proud to install bespoke playground designs at the request of our customers. So, if you have something particular in mind, give us a call and we will do everything we can to bring your playground space to life.

School Playground Markings Made to Last

School Playground Markings

As experts in playground design, we know that our customers want school playground markings that are made to last. If you invest in playground markings for your school with us, you can enjoy designs that are made to last. Our thermoplastic markings are strong, hardy, and able to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic. You can choose from our huge range of playground games, colours and shapes, and design styles to find the perfect fit for your playground.

Why You Should Invest in Playground Markings

Our thermoplastic materials don’t just brighten up your outdoor space, but they also allow children the opportunity to engage socially, imaginatively, and physically with their friends. The benefits of encouraging creative play in children are limitless, but most importantly they help ensure healthy childhood development.

At Designs & Lines, we work hard to design playground markings that encourage children to play outside. We don’t believe in cutting corners in the design process and that’s why every aspect of our playground markings is taken care of. We transform school play areas into outdoor spaces where a child’s imagination can flourish, their social skills can develop, and their minds can be challenged and shaped. We work hard to transform school playgrounds into spaces our customers can be proud of.

Timeless School Playground Markings

School Playground Markings When you invest in playground markings for your school’s playground surface, you want to know they will last for many years to come. If you purchase playground markings from the team at Designs & Lines, you can invest in markings that are made to last. Not only are our thermoplastic markings made to withstand the trying British weather, but they are so durable they are being used in some of London’s busiest congestion zones, so you know you’re getting quality!

Our playground markings provide a timeless addition to your school. Choose from our wide range of thermoplastic playground markings to find the perfect design for your school. We sell traditional designs like Hop Scotch and Snakes and Ladders, and more contemporary designs like Phonic Frog and Solid Snake Numbers. Click here to browse our playground marking selection!

Call Us Today

You might think that your playground space is fine just the way it is, but with the help of our great design team you can see a significant improvement in your outdoor space. We know that every playground space is different, but we think that every outdoor area can be significantly improved with the installation of our high-quality and vibrant playground markings. Call us today to find out how we can transform your school playground with our colourful thermoplastic markings.