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Primary School Games You Can Add into Your Lessons

Your playground and outdoor areas can make wonderful teaching resources when you have the right markings to fully utilise the space. Not every child in your classroom will learn in the same way, so by having a range of primary school games and activities, including some you can complete outside, you’ll be ensuring that visual and kinaesthetic learners have an easier way of grasping different concepts.

Whether you’re teaching PE, science, mathematics or geography, you’ll be helping all of your students to engage in a variety of ways. It’ll also be a fun, memorable day for them; no matter if you’re looking to help them master their times tables before a big maths test, or teaching them the rules of any number of sports or ball games, you will be ensuring your pupils are getting the most out of your lessons.

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Primary School Playground Games for Outdoor Lessons

Something as simple as a world map can easily be turned into a fun game that helps your students learn about different countries and continents. If you’d like to take your lessons a little bit further away than Earth, you can even arrange for playground markings based on the solar system, so your students can take a look at the planets and their orbits. Grids can make the perfect memory game as well, if you’d like to help your pupils learn their times tables, or to improve their skills in mathematics with a series of fun number games. Games that are played on grids and can involve numbers in many different ways include:

If your pupils are younger and not yet fully ready for learning about harder maths or times tables through multiplication games, you can also consider using the space for markings which teach them all about the Alphabet, Numbers and Phonics. For the smallest students you have in your care, this can become a multi skills session by helping them learn to form longer words and sentences and assisting with their reading.

For older students, you can even turn it into a fun warm up game before the lesson really gets going, by making them think of a word beginning with a particular letter, or by having your class guess a number based on a series of mathematical problems you give them to solve.

Primary School Games for Transition Day

One of the most stressful days of the school year for any primary school pupil is Transition Day. This may be the first day for any new pupil coming into the school, whether they’re starting Reception or have recently moved from somewhere else, or may even be the day an Infant class goes up to the Juniors. It’s only natural to want your students to feel comfortable during any kind of transition period, and by arranging a series of outdoor games for your new students to play with their classmates, you can get to know them and help them to build stronger bonds with each other at the same time.

By setting out a series of new games for them to play, from ball games such as King Square to 4 Way Target throws, you’ll be helping your pupils to relax and have fun on a day which might otherwise seem daunting. If you’d like to ensure the games have an educational benefit, you might even make up a little word, number or memory game for the kids to play when they use the markings. This turns your playground flooring into multi-skills session tools that you can use throughout the year!

PE Games for Primary Schools

One of the easiest ways to utilise your outdoor space is to turn it into the ultimate area for sports and PE lessons. The government has recently put a greater focus on ensuring schoolchildren of all ages get at least 60 minutes of exercise and physical activity every day, and by giving your students a whole new set of games and markings for Physical Education, you can make sure your pupils are having fun while they’re busy burning off energy.

By dividing up the space that you have, you can more easily prepare multi skills PE lessons. For instance, you may consider having a section of your playground dedicated to ball games, such as Football, Basketball or Netball, while another corner can be set up with several Fitness Spots or Circles to establish exercise routines. This also leaves space for a warm up area, setting your students up for games and activities that allow them to build social skills through teamwork.

Depending on the age of your pupils, you may want to turn their warm-up activities into a fun routine they can use during their playtime as well. By offering them a series of Agility or Adventure Trails, you can ensure they’re prepared for your actual lesson in a way which is fun for them, so it hardly seems like exercise at all.

For Great New Primary School Games to Turn into Lessons

If you’ve been looking for new ways to utilise your outdoor space, or to find new, engaging games that can help you to bond with new students, all while helping them to develop their abilities in everything from mathematics and literacy to social situations, then our collection of fun, interesting playground activities may be just what you need. At Designs & Lines, we can offer you a range of permanent, multi skill primary school games in our markings.

Our specialist team of designers and installers will be ready and waiting to help the moment you get in touch with us. They’ll be able to talk you through the ordering and purchasing process, and our dedicated installers will ensure that your chosen product is placed on your playground as soon as possible. You’ll only have to let us know which markings you’d like and where you would like them to be placed, and then you can return to the most important task of all: teaching your students.

The Thermoplastic designs we use are manufactured from non-toxic inks and are all fast-drying, so your ideal playground markings could be ready by the time the kids are ready to come in on Monday. Whether their first lesson is Maths or PE, we can ensure that your outdoor space has been transformed just as you need it.

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