Playground Markings – Little Extras 

At Designs & Lines, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to improve the playtimes of children and our bespoke playground markings are a testament to that. Our team are constantly installing a variety of shapes, maps, games and mazes for schools. We believe in education outside the classroom as well as inside and our playground markings make for fantastic outdoor learning activities.  

Our Little Extras Markings 

Aside from the plethora of games we have in store, we also have our Little Extras section, which features a variety of shapes, animals, footprints and signs for children to explore. Our Little Extras section seeks to incorporate playground markings that offer a little bit of everything.  

The most important aspect of our Little Extras markings is that it allows children to really use their imaginations. As there are no ‘specific’ games in these markings, children are encouraged to form their own narratives. Whether this is in the form of a game, or they use it to meet-up with their friends or they simply like the way it looks, our Little Extras section embraces the creative minds of children.  



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