Phonic Playground Markings  

We supply and install a larger range of phonics school playground markings, perfect for transforming any dull school playground. Our phonic playground markings are a great way to encourage reading in young children by helping them recognise sounds and symbols in the alphabet. In the UK, phonics is now recommended as the first strategy children are taught to help them learn to read.

Our Phonic Playground Markings

Here at Designs & Lines, we know from experience that if you give children an interactive playground, they will use it without thinking – learning as they play. Our phonic school playground markings play a vital role in children’s education. There are various phonic games you can play to help children learn. Simply have the children hop from one phonic sound to the next to spell out words. Alternatively, say the sound and have the children race to the correct phonic. Our Phonic Frog playground markings are particularly popular for school as they are a fun way for children to learn the symbols whilst having fun jumping from sound to sound.

The beauty of school playground markings is their customisability, unique designs and colourful combinations that can cater to all age ranges. Please see our range of products below. Our phonic playground marking prices range from £185 – £995. You are sure to find phonic playground markings that will help brighten up your playground!

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