Transform Your Outdoor Space with Playground Markings in Cornwall and Devon 

Variety of colours and designs – Non-toxic markings – Warranted for 4 years

Discover the transformative effect of our thermoplastic playground markings. Playground markings by Designs & Lines are the best way to brighten up your outdoor space. We are experts at improving playgrounds and, with over 15 years’ in the thermoplastics industry, we know what it takes to transform any playground. Our range of colourful and creative designs combine play with learning, physical fitness, and problem-solving. Our playground markings can do it all – check out our range below.


The Benefits of Our Playground Markings in Cornwall and Devon

Having been in the thermoplastics industry for over 15 years, it’s fair to say that we’ve completed our fair share of playground marking installations. The work we carry out includes installing playground markings in schools, children centres, councils, and many other organisations in Cornwall and Devon.
All the playground markings we install are completely non-toxic and we are dedicated to supplying playground markings in Cornwall and Devon of the highest quality. Discover the benefits of our playground markings for yourself:

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • They come in a wide variety of colours and shapes
  • Warranted for 4 years
  • Bright, vibrant colours
  • Our playground markings last 10x longer than paint

Another benefit of working with our team at Designs & Lines is that we work hard to help you achieve your dream playground. In fact, we also install bespoke playground designs. So, if you’ve got a specific design in mind for your playground or outdoor space, we will do everything we can to help it come to life.

Our Playground Markings in Cornwall and Devon Stand the Test of Time

We are proud to install playground markings in Cornwall and Devon that are made to stand the test of time and we know this is what our customers expect. After all, if you invest in playground markings for your outdoor space, you want to know they will last for many years to come. Our playground markings are strong, hardy, and able to withstand the trying British weather. You can choose from a wide range of playground games, design styles, and shapes. We have a huge variety of designs in stock – just click here to browse our playground designs.

Why Should You Invest in Playground Markings?

You might be wondering why it’s important to invest in playground markings. You might think that your playground is fine just the way it is. But we know that every playground can be significantly improved through the installation of high-quality, vibrant, and long-lasting playground markings.

The thermoplastic playground markings we install don’t just look fantastic, they also help children develop socially, physically, and imaginatively. We strongly believe that children need to partake in healthy outdoor activities that keep them fit and stimulate their minds and imaginations. Our markings help bring your playground to life.

Capture Imaginations with Our Vibrant Designs in  Cornwall and Devon

As soon as you have new markings installed on your playground, you will see the visual difference it makes. One of the most essential elements of our impressive playground markings is that they draw the attention of the children using the space. At Designs & Lines, we have worked hard to design playground markings that shine brighter and last longer than any markings that have come before. We don’t believe in cutting corners during the manufacturing or installation process. This means that our markings don’t just look great, but they also stand the test of time.

The Installation Service We Provide in Cornwall and Devon

We are proud to serve customers throughout Cornwall and Devon, supplying thermoplastic marking installations throughout the area. We are passionate about transforming outdoor areas into spaces where the imagination can flourish, social skills can develop, and minds can be challenged and shaped. We work hard to transform outdoor spaces into areas our customers can be proud of.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we work, what we do, and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Our team are always available to answer questions you may have, provide expert advice, and deliver a quality service. Whether you simply want to have an informal discussion about the options available to you, or you would like to discuss your playground ideas with us, contact us today. Change the way your playground is seen in Cornwall and Devon today with our thermoplastic playground markings.