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Alphabet & Numbers

About Our Alphabet & Number Playground Markings

Making Mathematics Fun

Children seem to either love or hate mathematics. However, our number playground marketing helps them enjoy learning it in a fun and engaging environment. Our number playground markings are just what you need for your school playground to encourage mathematical interest. You could even teach your class in the playground! Why wouldn’t you when the numbers are readily available and you can make tasks interactive and interesting? Ask them to count to ten. Give them a sum and ask them to stand on the correct number. The possibilities are endless!

Learning the Alphabet Through Play

Reading is an important life skill and one that children that can struggle to develop. By incorporating our colourful alphabet playground markings, you can help incorporate their learning with play. Visual stimulus, such as the alphabet, can help children learn subconsciously and is a great way to develop their reading skills. Call out letters and ask them to travel to it, ask them to spell out words by jumping to various letters, and when they’re confident you can even change to vowels! These playground markings are great fun for everyone.

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