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Top-Quality Playground Markings for Advanced Education Outdoors

Incorporate Outdoor Learning – Even at Secondary School Level

Modern learning often extends beyond the classroom walls. Outdoor spaces, like playgrounds, are crucial for holistic education – even at the secondary level, where many might think it will slow down because students are “too old”. But we understand its importance and are here to help ensure your students don’t miss out on a different approach to their subjects.

Our range of thermoplastic playground markings is designed to integrate advanced subjects and align with your curriculum to enrich students’ learning experiences. Explore our options here to see which subjects can best benefit from our assistance. Alternatively, get in touch with us to speak to a member of our team.

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Playground Markings that Meet Secondary School Curriculums

You’re looking to create an environment that encourages physical activity and participation, as well as aligns with the academic syllabus. Finding both of those within playground markings is a multifaceted challenge.

  • Curriculum Alignment: Playground markings should seamlessly integrate with the curriculum, offering opportunities for students to engage with advanced subjects such as mathematics, science, geography, and history.
  • Engagement and Learning: Finding solutions that effectively engage students intellectually and foster a love for learning while promoting physical activity is paramount for you, but it has to be done carefully with playground markings.
  • Resource Constraints: Budgetary limitations might restrict your ability to invest in specialised playground markings that cater to advanced subjects. Balancing the need for educational enrichment with financial constraints presents a significant challenge.

We understand all of this and can offer you tailored solutions that meet the curriculum needs of secondary schools. This can be through ready-prepared designs you can order here on our website, or bespoke orders made online or over the phone.

Curriculum-Aligned Playground Markings

Our playground markings are designed as dynamic educational tools and seamlessly align with different aspects of the curriculum.


Our mathematical grids, number lines, and various markings involving geometric shapes encourage students to explore mathematical concepts tangibly and interactively. Whether it’s solving equations in a bespoke version of our Maths Maze or mastering geometric principles through different hopscotch games, our markings transform mathematical learning into an engaging outdoor activity.


Looking beyond our planet to the stars is made easy with our help. Within our Weather & World collection sits our Solar System markings. Your students will be able to navigate the planets up close, learning about their identifying features and their distances and relationships to each other. Using chalk, they can even mark out distances and facts about each.


Students can explore the world without leaving the playground with our map markings. From continents and countries with our World Map to cities in the UK with our British Isles, students can go on a geographical journey to become more aware of where they are in relation to the world around them. It’s a hands-on approach to learning, especially if they use chalk to map out different countries.

PE, Games and Sports

PE and sports are some of the most suitable subjects for playground markings. Naturally, we’ve got plenty of courts & sports lines and markings to fill gaps in your playground and your curriculum needs. Football, basketball, tennis, and more are all available for installation, as are a range of fitness marks for exercise beyond team games.

Solar System, Playground Markings, Goldthorpe Primary Academy, South Yorkshire
basketball court

Case Studies with Similar Curriculum Needs

We’ve worked with hundreds of secondary schools across the UK to deliver exactly what they need for their students. One of these, Ysgol Bae Baglan in Port Talbot, Wales, even had its PR and Sports Development Coordinator sit down with us to talk about what we achieved for the school.

Want to find out more about what we can do for you? See what we did for them first.

Take Secondary Education Beyond the Classroom with Playground Markings

We are here to guide you as you strive to enhance your school with specialised playground markings aligned with your curriculum. Contact us today for a personalised consultation tailored to your school’s unique needs and objectives. Let us show you how our innovative designs and expert guidance can transform your outdoor space into a vibrant extension of your classroom.

Your students’ learning experience and education won’t develop on their own. Reach out now and let’s talk about creating an inspiring outdoor environment that fosters academic excellence and engages students in meaningful learning.

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