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Custom Playground Markings Fit to Any Secondary School

Playground Markings: Outdoor Learning for Secondary Schools – No Matter the Size

Outdoor spaces should offer your secondary school opportunities for both learning and recreation. But this can be a challenge if your site is limited in its size. That’s why we’re here to offer practical playground marking solutions that help to maximise your outdoor space’s potential, no matter how much of it you have.

The aim of our services, and our wide range of thermoplastic playground markings, is simple: to help you create dynamic, engaging, and adaptable spaces where your students can learn, play games, and flourish in every way. Between our professional site surveys and our expert ability to create custom markings, we can make sure this happens for any size site.

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playground markings in the shape of the UK, geography

The Challenges of Limited Space in Secondary Schools

Students from Years 7 to 11, or beyond, all require options and opportunities for physical activity. This is especially true when considering PE, as the lesson is compulsory under the National Curriculum. But beyond this, students also need outside spaces where they can socialise, relax, and unwind with activities not correlated to the classroom.

Having a smaller, more constrained outdoor space can feel like a barrier to creating vibrant, multifunctional environments where students can do all of this. Smaller outside spaces mean fewer opportunities for exercise, games, or socialisation activities. It leaves less room for outdoor lessons in the summer and kids stay inside.

This is where we can step in and help with a tried and tested solution: our playground markings, and a process that has worked for over 10,000 schools across the UK so far.

Playground Markings That Create More with Less

Our approach is founded on the idea that even limited outdoor areas hold a lot of potential. It all starts with you getting in contact with us and making that initial enquiry. Then, we will arrange a careful, expertly performed site survey that helps us to measure up your playground and determine how much space you have available. We’ll also take photos and drone footage at this time, giving us the best possible foundation for beginning our work.

You can learn more about the rest of our process here:

checkerboard playground markings with alternating colours and numbers
basketball court

Making the Most of Their Space: Our Case Studies

Our playground markings not only facilitate learning but also inject a sense of excitement and fun into the daily school experience. But we would never expect you to just take our word for it. 

Explore how we’ve helped other secondary schools, as well as primary schools, nurseries, and children’s organisations, harness the potential of playground markings in their outdoor spaces. They’ve all enhanced their outdoor areas, boosted student engagement, and improved their overall learning and relaxation environments, even though they’ve all got different dimensions to work with.

Looking for Tailored Solutions for Your Secondary School?

We understand that every secondary school is unique, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to our work. We don’t just provide standard solutions; we tailor them to fit your specific needs.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your space constraints, your educational objectives, and your vision for the outdoor area in question. Whether you have limited space or a vast playground, we have the expertise to make the most of it.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also offer you the creative freedom to customise playground markings that resonate with your school’s identity and curriculum. Want a specific theme or subject integrated into the design? No problem. We can adapt and create designs that align perfectly with your goals.

Maximise Potential in Minimal Space with Playground Markings

Make the most of your secondary school’s outside space, no matter what size, and give your students the best new hub for education and exercise. Get in touch with Designs & Lines for a personalised consultation and to arrange the site survey that will help us determine what can be achieved. We’re here to listen, collaborate, and find innovative solutions that work for your school site.

We’re also here to work around your schedule, meaning we can come at your request on a break, on a weekend or even during the holidays to get the job done. Don’t let limited space limit possibilities for your students. Find out how you can maximise your site’s potential with expert help.

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