Why you should add football pitch markings to your playground design

football pitch markings Children learn to play football at a young age, which can encourage them to pursue the sport, get healthy exercise and develop concepts of teamwork. Football pitch markings are an excellent way of giving children a layout where they can do this on the playground.

Playground markings that outline football pitches can also teach children spatial awareness, the laws of the game and help them develop strong social bonds. Football is suitable for boys and girls alike, and almost any age range can play. This inclusivity makes it a versatile choice for a sport.

To install football pitch markings in your playground design, you have to contact us to get started. Football helps give children a sporting edge as they develop. It can also nurture their mental potential and encourage their social growth.

What makes football pitch playground markings a good idea?

Each of our playground markings has some benefit to a child, whether that is a simple decorative benefit or improving numeracy and literacy. However, sports courts markings provide some specific advantages for children in terms of physical activity and social interaction.

Football pitch markings are particularly popular, but all of our sports court markings are useful for a variety of reasons. Benefits of using our football pitch markings, or other types of sports court, include the following:

  • Multiple uses: Our markings can feature multiple outlines for different games. Mixed-use is ideal for giving children the option to develop skills and familiarity with multiple sports, but also saves on space. One excellent marking we offer includes an outline for netball, basketball and 5 a side football.
  • Hard-wearing thermoplastic materials: We choose smart materials that we manufacture using thermoplastic, which resists weather and is very hard-wearing. They can withstand a lot of use, something a football pitch marking will require to last.
  • Social interaction: Football can encourage communication and teamwork between children, as it is a very verbal team game. All sports layouts will also encourage a sense of camaraderie and fair play. These are important life lessons, and using such markings helps instil these at a young age.

A football pitch marking will provide a focal point to a playground. In combination with multi-use markings, this will create a perfect environment for a diverse range of healthy physical activity, particularly in schools or playgrounds where there may be less space – such as in bigger towns or cities.

When designing a playground, multiple markings can offer children a selection of contrasting stimuli. While sports courts take care of the physical side, other games markings can help spur numeracy and literacy skills. This way the mental side of development also receives attention.

Football pitch markings teach children the laws of the game, and a 5 a side football pitch promotes scalable skills. Therefore, as children learn and develop into higher levels of the sport, they have a solid foundation they can refer to as they grow.

Why choose us for your football markings

Football Games on Playground Football Court Our unique approach uses high-quality thermoplastic materials, which come with a 4 year warranty. We pick these materials to make sure that all of our products last. As a result, our football pitch markings will be playable for many years.

People enjoy the quality of our markings, but the other benefit of choosing us is that our marking installation service is swift and professional. We have years of experience and can install football pitch markings and others at the same time, depending on your design choice.

The aesthetics of our markings are also a reason to choose us, with colours that will not fade over time and that resist the weather. Functional aesthetics makes the markings on a football pitch, or any of our other designs, very clear and distinctive throughout their life.

Football pitch markings for physical and social development

Football is a classic game and one that many children will grow to remember taking part in on the playground with fondness. Sports courts also help organise a playground design as they provide a designated box for physical activity.

A football pitch marking will help encourage healthy exercise among children and spur on social development within a playground. You can contact us immediately to get started on your design and installation.

If you require more information or would like to find some additional ideas for the markings in your playground design, please browse our brochure.