Playground Marking Games

We supply and install a large range of school playground marking games, perfect for transforming any dull school playground. When it comes to school playground marking games, we are the supplier for you!

We offer a range of playground marking games to encourage children to run, jump, skip and enjoy an active playtime that helps keep them fit and healthy through play. With a wide variety of colourful and exciting games to choose from, we can help brighten up any outdoor area. We offer playground marking games such as Hopscotch, mazes, dancing, numbers, sports, agility trails and much more!

Playground marking games help encourage children to learn independence, social skills, how to take turn playing games and how to interact with other children. When it comes to design choices, the opportunities are endless. We sell a variety of interchangeable designs that can be adapted to suit a multitude of activities.

We sell multiple designs such as five-a-side football pitches, mazes, targets, roadways, characters, pictures and so much more. We are passionate about designing playground markings which encourage children to use their imaginations and socialise with other children. Please see our range of products below. Alternatively, please get in touch to discuss your project with us. Our playground marking game prices range from £24 – £580.


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