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Brightening Up Broadgate Primary School with New Playground Markings

Broadgate Primary trail, night, wet, buildings with lights on in brackground

Broadgate Primary School, located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, was looking for a new and energetic outside space. To do it, they decided to revitalise their Year 1 playground with fun and educational playground markings. As a returning customer, the school had previously experienced the quality and service of Designs & Lines and returned for another project to enhance their outdoor spaces further.

Were There Any Challenges with This Primary School Project?

The project did not present significant obstacles, but the installation had to be completed in less-than-ideal weather conditions. It was done in October in the UK, after all! Additionally, it was important to ensure that the new markings would seamlessly integrate into the playground and be both durable and engaging for the young students.

Implementing Playground Markings for Broadgate Primary

We approached the project with enthusiasm, leveraging our previous positive experience with Broadgate Primary School to ensure a smooth and successful installation. The key steps included:

  • Consultation and Design: We collaborated closely with the school’s PTA to understand their vision and budget. The design process was efficient, resulting in a custom trail and phonics shapes tailored to the needs and preferences of the Year 1 students.
  • Material Selection: High-quality, durable materials were chosen to ensure the markings would withstand heavy use and varying weather conditions, providing long-lasting value.
  • Installation: Despite the challenging weather, our team, led by Mark, completed the installation with dedication and cheerfulness. The markings were laid with precision, even as darkness approached, ensuring a perfect finish.

What was the Outcome of This?

The newly enhanced Year 1 playground at Broadgate Primary School is now a vibrant and engaging space where children can learn and play. The custom trail and phonics shapes have added a new dimension of fun and education, much to the delight of the students and staff.

What Was Said About the Playground Markings?

Clare from the Broadgate Primary PTA had this to say:

“We had an excellent experience with Designs and Lines when they came to lay some fun markings for our school KS2 playground. When our school PTA decided to fund more markings for our KS1 playground, we knew exactly where to go! From start to finish, Designs and Lines have been excellent. The design process was swift and catered to our budget, and Mark cheerfully persevered with laying the markings in pretty miserable weather! We know the kids are going to play with our agility trail and phonics pond for years to come. Thank you so much; we will definitely use you again and recommend your services to others!”

Our Conclusion

The project at Broadgate Primary School demonstrates the positive impact that thoughtfully designed playground markings can have on a school environment. By combining educational elements with fun activities, Designs & Lines has created a space where Year 1 students can thrive.

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that schools like Broadgate Primary receive the highest standard of service and product. We look forward to continuing our partnership with schools across Leeds and beyond, transforming playgrounds into vibrant, engaging, and educational spaces for all students to enjoy.

Ready for Brand-New Playground Markings?

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