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Leamington Primary & Nursery Academy’s Playground Markings: A New Way to Learn Numbers and Engage in Activities

phonics pond

Leamington Primary and Nursery Academy in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, wanted to revitalise its school environment by incorporating educational and fun markings that would enrich the students’ learning experience and daily activities. The school had a specific vision to transform a bare pedestrian walkway into an exciting, custom-designed activity trail that would engage not only students but also their parents during their daily school commute.

Did We Have Any Challenges at this Primary School?

The main challenge was designing a trail that would seamlessly integrate with the existing pedestrian pathway while meeting the school’s vision for a dynamic and interactive experience. The project required a bespoke design approach to ensure the final product would be both practical and visually appealing, encouraging active participation from the school community.

Adding in Our Playground Markings

Designs & Lines responded to this challenge by working closely with the school to understand their needs and expectations. Our team developed a tailored design for the custom trail, which included vibrant and interactive markings. The design proposal was meticulously crafted and presented to the school, ensuring alignment with their vision before proceeding.

The products installed included:

1-20 Ladder

A fun way for children to learn counting and number recognition, the 1-20 Ladder is a sleek and simple design. It’s ideal for smaller spaces outside the classroom, and just right for use in outdoor Maths lessons.

A Phonics Pond – Phase 3

You should see if this makes a splash with your students! The Phonics Pond – Phase 3 is an engaging tool for young learners to enhance their phonics skills. It also offers plenty of opportunities to make up games, or even to come up with class stories about our helpful froggy friend.

Custom Trail

We were delighted to be able to help the school with its custom trail, which resulted in a bespoke, colourful trail designed to make the walk to and from school more enjoyable.

A Small Reward – Solid Hopscotch

We offered a small extra – a Solid Hopscotch – to thank the school for being such great customers. This is a classic game that encourages physical activity and coordination.

How Did the Project Turn Out?

The installation was a resounding success! The new playground markings and custom trail have significantly enhanced the aesthetic and functional appeal of the school’s outdoor spaces. The trail has turned daily commutes into interactive and joyful experiences, not just for students but for their parents as well.

What Was Said About Our Playground Markings?

Oli Tatterson, PE Lead at Leamington Primary & Nursery Academy, said this: 

“The markings are fantastic—the children are loving them! Watching them use the new activity trail on the way in and out of school is amazing—lots of parents joining in too! Thanks for the brilliant service!”

Our Conclusion

The project at Leamington Primary and Nursery Academy exemplifies how thoughtful design and customer-centric service from Designs & Lines can transform everyday school environments into vibrant and interactive learning landscapes. By focusing on bespoke solutions that meet specific client needs, Designs & Lines continues to lead in creating educational spaces that foster learning and community interaction. 

We look forward to bringing more innovative designs to schools across the UK, enhancing educational journeys with creativity and fun.

Are Playground Markings Like These Right for Your School?

If you’re interested, simply contact us! Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate with you to craft the perfect playground markings to revitalise your outdoor areas. We’re flexible too—we can schedule installations during weekends, breaks, lunchtimes, and holidays to ensure everything is ready for a delightful reveal to your students.

Explore more designs on our website or reach out to us directly to begin your playground’s transformation immediately.

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