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Revitalising Reedness Primary School with Magnificent New Playground Markings

4 way hopscotch

Reedness Primary School, located in Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was looking for a host of fun and fantastic educational playground markings. The headteacher wanted a total transformation to make the outdoor space more engaging for students while promoting learning and physical activity. We’re proud to say that we were chosen for this project after a competitive bidding process, thanks to our vibrant designs and thorough proposal.

Were There Any Challenges With This Primary School Project?

One of the primary challenges for our team was winning the project over a strong competitor whose design the customer also liked. Additionally, the project required a detailed plan to integrate various custom designs seamlessly into the playground space. Ensuring minimal disruption during the installation was crucial to maintaining a smooth school operation.

Implementing Playground Markings for Reedness Primary

We needed to approach this project with a strategic and customer-focused mindset, ensuring that every detail was addressed to meet the school’s needs.

  • Competitive Proposal: To stand out, we created a proposal that mirrored the competitor’s offerings but highlighted our unique advantages. We showcased the brighter colours of our designs and provided photos of the chosen markings to help the customer visualise the result.
  • Detailed Explanation: We explained the entire process from placing the order to installation day, emphasising our commitment to minimising disruption for the children. This transparency helped build trust and confidence in our services.

Custom Designs

We also incorporated a wide range of ready-designed and custom playground markings, including:

What Was the Outcome?

The transformation of the Reedness Primary School playground was a resounding success. The new markings created a vibrant, engaging, and educational environment that delighted students, parents, and staff alike.

What Did the Staff Have to Say?

Matthew Herbert, Headteacher of Reedness Primary School, left this testimonial:

“The kids, parents, and staff think that the markings are fantastic! Thank you so much! Our installer was great as well!”

Our Conclusion

The project at Reedness Primary School exemplifies how Designs & Lines can successfully compete by offering superior design quality and customer service. By focusing on vibrant, educational, and fun playground markings, we were able to create a space that promotes learning and physical activity safely and engagingly.

We look forward to partnering with more schools to transform their outdoor spaces into dynamic and enjoyable environments for students.

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