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Styling Staplehurst School’s Outside Space with New and Improved Playground Markings

fitness circle 2 playground markings

Staplehurst School near Tonbridge, Kent, aimed to revitalise their playground to make it more engaging and educational for its students. The objective was to install a variety of playground markings that would promote learning and physical activity in a fun and interactive manner, alongside a Netball Court that needed remarking. We were glad to be chosen for this project, to bring the vision to life and give students the space they deserve.

Did This Primary School Project Have Any Challenges?

This project did not present any significant obstacles to our team. That’s just the way our team likes it, too! However, it was important to ensure that removing old markings didn’t leave prominent marks. It was also important that the new designs were installed seamlessly. The idea was to make the finished work as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Our Playground Markings for Staplehurst School

As with all projects, we approached this request with careful planning and a focus on high-quality, durable designs. Here’s how we achieved the project’s objectives:

  • Site Visit: A site visit was conducted to assess the playground and discuss the specific requirements with the school’s Business Manager, Kerrie Hay. This allowed us to plan effectively and address any potential concerns in advance.
  • Custom Designs: The selected products included a custom Rocket Hopscotch featuring the days of the week, a Solid 1-20 Caterpillar, a solid Fitness Circle, and the remarking of the Netball Court. These designs were chosen to provide a mix of educational value and physical activity.
  • Material Selection: High-quality thermoplastic materials were used. This ensures the markings would be durable and vibrant, able to withstand heavy use and various weather conditions.
  • Installation: Our team executed the installation efficiently and tidily, ensuring minimal disruption to the school’s activities. The old markings were removed with care, leaving the playground looking fresh and well-maintained.

What Was the Result?

The new playground markings have transformed Staplehurst School’s outdoor space into a vibrant and engaging area for students. The custom Rocket Hopscotch, Caterpillar, Fitness Circle, and newly remarked Netball Court have provided the children with a variety of activities. All of these are made to promote both learning and play. They can exercise their minds and their bodies at the same time with some of them!

What Did the Staff Say About the New Playground Markings?

Kerrie Hay wanted to say this about the new playground markings:

“We were really pleased with the works carried out. As far as I know there were no obstacles to the works being done. The site visit beforehand was very useful. Even the areas where the paint was removed look really good; there are hardly any marks on the playground. We would definitely use your company again; we were really happy.”

Our Conclusion

The project at Staplehurst School demonstrates Designs & Lines’ ability to deliver high-quality, engaging playground markings that meet the specific needs of schools. By focusing on both educational and recreational elements, we were able to create a dynamic outdoor space that benefits the students in multiple ways.

Our commitment to quality, customer service, and seamless execution ensures that schools like Staplehurst receive the best possible solutions for their playground needs. We look forward to continuing our work with schools across Kent and beyond, transforming playgrounds into vibrant, fun, and educational environments for all students to enjoy.

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