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Enhancing Swanlea School’s Playground Markings for Exercise and Development

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Swanlea School, located in the heart of London, was looking to enhance its outdoor facilities by installing a custom-designed running track. The objective was to provide students with a professional-grade running track to encourage physical activity and promote athletic development. Designs & Lines was entrusted with bringing their vision to life, ensuring that the final playground markings met the school’s exact specifications.

Were There Any Challenges With This Secondary School?

While the project did not present any significant obstacles, the primary challenge was to ensure that the running track adhered precisely to the school’s design specifications. This required meticulous attention to detail and close collaboration with the school to ensure that every element of the markings’ design was accurately translated into the final installation.

Our Playground Marking Solutions for Swanlea School, London

Designs & Lines approached the project with a commitment to precision and quality. The process began with a thorough review of the school’s design, followed by careful planning to ensure that the installation would be seamless and meet all requirements.

Implementing the Playground Markings

  • Initial Consultation: Our team worked closely with M.A. Ashraf, the school’s Building Services & Resource Manager, to understand the exact specifications and expectations for the running track.
  • Design Review: We carefully reviewed the provided design to ensure that all dimensions and details were clear and achievable within the playground space.
  • Material Selection: Thermoplastic was chosen for its durability and vibrant finish, ensuring that the track would be both long-lasting and visually appealing.
  • Installation: Our skilled installers executed the plan with precision, laying down the 9-lane running track exactly as per the provided design. The installation process was efficient, minimising disruption to the school’s daily activities.

What Was the Outcome?

A complete success! The result was a professionally installed 9-lane running track that met all of Swanlea School’s specifications. The track now provides a dedicated space for students to engage in athletic activities, fostering a more active and healthy school environment.

What Did the Staff Have to Say About the Playground Markings?

M.A. Ashraf had this to say: 

“I am very happy with the new running track; can you please say a big thank you to your team.”

Our Conclusion

The Swanlea School project exemplifies how Designs & Lines can transform a school’s outdoor space by closely collaborating with the client and adhering to precise design specifications. Our ability to deliver high-quality, custom playground markings ensures that schools receive exactly what they envision, enhancing their educational environments and promoting physical activity.

By choosing us, schools can be confident in receiving professional, tailored services that meet their unique needs and contribute positively to the student experience. We look forward to continuing to support schools across London and beyond in creating vibrant, engaging outdoor spaces.

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