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Enhancing Exercise and Education with Playground Markings at Minera VA Primary School

Minera VA Primary School, situated in Wrexham in the picturesque county of Denbighshire, sought to enhance its outdoor facilities by adding a Netball pitch and a diverse range of playground markings meant for fun, fitness, and learning. The challenge was to fulfil this need within the constraints of a tight budget, ensuring the new additions would serve educational purposes, encourage physical activity, and offer excitement and engagement opportunities for the students.

Were There Any Challenges at This Primary School?

The primary challenge was to integrate a variety of playground markings that would not only fit the school’s budget but also align with its educational and recreational goals. The school was committed to including a Netball pitch. Luckily, it was also open to suggestions for additional markings. That gave us lots of opportunities to be creative and to give the kids of the school the playground they deserve.

Our Playground Marking Solutions

In response to the school’s requirements, Designs & Lines crafted a tailored proposal that balanced cost with functionality. The selection of products included:

A Much-Needed Netball Court

The undisputed star of the show was the Netball court. This vibrantly-marked court caters to the school’s sports curriculum and provides a formal, permanent space for netball.

A Selection of Number Games

You get more for your money with Solid Hopscotch and a 1-20 Snake. With a classic game and a brand-new design made for inventing new ones, students will be able to enhance coordination and mathematical skills at the same time.

Alphabet Spiral

For a game that promotes literacy as well as fitness, you can’t do much better than our Alphabet Spiral.

Fitness Circle

Around the outside of the Netball court, we added the designs necessary to complete a Fitness Circle. This is a great way to get kids warmed up before they take part in a netball game.

A Customer Reward: Copy Me Designs

To thank the school for reaching out, we offered a couple of Copy Me playground markings free of charge. These encourage imitation and movement, making physical activity fun.

What Were the Results?

It went off without a hitch! The installation was met with enthusiasm from both the school staff and students. The variety of markings has revitalised the playground area, turning it into a vibrant hub of activity that supports both learning and play.

What Did Staff Say About the Playground Markings?

Susan Banner, Foundation Governor at Minera VA Primary, had this to say:

“We are thrilled with the result and the children are really enjoying them.

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from your company, from planning to installation.”

Our Conclusion

The project at Minera VA Primary School showcases how strategic planning and thoughtful product selection can effectively meet educational and budgetary needs while enriching the school environment. 

Designs & Lines continues to be a leader in creating educational spaces that not only meet the functional needs of schools but also spark joy and enthusiasm among students. We look forward to further collaborations that transform playgrounds into dynamic spaces for learning and play.

Interested in Enhancing Your School’s Playground with Markings Like These?

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