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Oldfield Brow Primary School, Cheshire

green and yellow compass playground marking

We always love a trip to Cheshire, and we were glad to provide playground markings for Oldfield Brow Primary School in Altrincham.

What Did They Want Done?

The staff at the school were looking for some new, bright, and colourful markings for all the children to use. Not only did they want them to be fun, but they also wanted them to be educational as well.

What Did We Do for Them?

Exactly what they asked, of course! We provided a series of great games and activities, markings and images that capture kids’ attentions and imaginations, getting them as excited for learning as they are to start playing.

The Fantastic Markings They Asked For

Want to know more about the markings we used for this work? Here’s a little more information on each to help you decide if they’re right for your playground project:

1-100 Solid Snakes and Ladders

The ideal combination of game and mathematical puzzle, 1-100 Solid Snakes and Ladders takes the classic Snakes and Ladders one step further by making it big, bright, and best played on a sunny afternoon with friends. Just get some of those big foam dice in and have a game!

8-Point Smiley Face Compass Clock

Learn the time and all the cardinal points, all at once, with this friendly face! Our 8-Point Smiley Face Compass Clock is ideal for teaching kids the different directions and times with ease; just stand on the points you want as you practise. You can also use chalk to help them along!

The British Isles

Teaching your kids UK-based Geography has never been easier than with our own map of the British Isles with 10 Cities! If you ask us, we may even be able to create a bespoke version that also features your school’s town or city.

Chess Board

Bring that most classic of games to life in your playground with our Chess Board! Whether the kids play using pieces you’ve bought online, or stand in as Kings, Queens, Bishops, and Knights themselves, will be up to you.

Noughts & Crosses

All you need is some chalk to play this gigantic version of Noughts & Crosses

Phonics Dragon

Imagine learning your sounds from a fire-breathing dragon! Our Phonics Dragon is a fun friend ready to teach kids everything they need to know. Play games and create stories around him – sounding out those words as you go!

Phonics Shapes

You can create as many games as you want with these fantastic Phonics Shapes. An easy favourite is to jump from one to another, saying the sounds as you go. It’s education and exercise at the same time!

Solid Hopscotch
Fun blocks of solid colour, our Solid Hopscotch game marks out the perfect permanent place for the game. You’ll never be able to miss a number square, and the game keeps looking as energetic as it is when it’s played.

What Did We Love About This Project?

The fact that the playground and outside spaces we were working on hadn’t had any previous coverings! This made the whole area a blank canvas for our team to work with. Surfaces like this are ideal for creating the exact environment that the client has asked for, so we’re always glad to be able to work in places like this. It keeps the work easy and efficient, and means it’s completed more quickly for the client – and the kids who will use it!

Were There Any Challenges?

None whatsoever, which is something else that we like to say!

A Word With a Staff Member

Samantha Cooney, Sports Lead at Oldfield Brow Primary School, had this to say about the work:

“The new playground designs are fantastic! They were easily chosen and installed with the help of friendly and accommodating staff. They are vibrant and bright, and the children love using them at playtimes! They have also inspired teachers and children alike to take their learning outside and be more active.”

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