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Revitalising Playground Markings at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, located in the town of Gravesend, Kent, sought to revitalise their playground by replacing faded and outdated markings with vibrant, new designs. The goal was to create a more engaging and fun playground that would stimulate active learning and play.

What Challenges Did We Face at This Primary School?

The main challenge was ensuring that the new playground designs would effectively utilise the available space and cater to the educational and recreational needs of the students. A site survey was initially conducted to assess the condition of the existing markings and plan the layout of the new designs. Additionally, it was crucial to visually demonstrate the potential transformation to gain the school’s confidence and approval.

Our Playground Markings for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary

Following the site survey, Designs & Lines created detailed visual designs to accompany the quotation, showing how the new markings would transform the playground. This visual proposal helped the school visualise the end result and facilitated a smoother decision-making process.

The products installed included:

A Re-Marked Netball Court and Short Tennis Courts

These sports courts aim to encourage physical activity and sport-specific skills. Netball is likely to be taught at a higher level at secondary schools and Short Tennis, while not necessarily on the curriculum, is great fun and excellent exercise.

A Premium Roadway

The Premium Roadway is designed to promote imaginative play and awareness of road safety.

Number Target 20 and King Square

Both Number Target 20 and King Square are educational games that combine learning with physical engagement, with pupils needing to practise their coordination as well as their numeracy skills all at once.

Outline Hopscotch and Ball Pass

The Outline Hopscotch may be the more “officially” classic of the two games here, but Ball Pass is a game that’s been “unofficially” played for years in playgrounds. Both develop coordination and social skills too.

A Customer Reward: Copy Me

To say thank you and to offer the kids something extra to develop social skills and coordination, we also installed a Copy Me design.

What were the Results?

The installation process was seamless and met with high approval from the school’s administration. The new playground markings not only brightened the space but also provided a variety of educational and recreational benefits that aligned with the school’s objectives.

What Did Staff Say About the Playground Markings?

Andrew Baldock, Headteacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, said this: 

“Extremely professional, fantastic job and kept in contact. An excellent service.”

Our Conclusion

The project at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School exemplifies how effective playground markings can transform an ordinary space into a dynamic environment that supports both education and play.

Through careful planning, custom design solutions, and a focus on client satisfaction, Designs & Lines continues to lead in creating playful and educational spaces that make a significant impact on students’ school experiences. We are committed to bringing innovative and engaging playground solutions to schools across the UK, ensuring every project we undertake enriches the lives of students and the wider school community.

Keen to Transform Your School’s Playground with These Markings?

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