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Active Playground Markings for New Swannington Primary School

New Swannington Primary School, nestled nicely between Swannington, Whitwick, and Coalville in Leicestershire, aimed to rejuvenate its playground to make it more engaging, educational, and fun for the students. The project involved installing various playground markings designed to promote physical activity and learning, while also removing existing outdated markings. The school was looking to brighten up its outside space and that is exactly what we achieved for them.

Were There Any Challenges With This Primary School Project?

The project required meticulous planning and execution to ensure the new designs fit seamlessly into the existing space. The removal of old markings couldn’t detract from the final appearance. Additionally, as a referred project from another primary school in Swindon, maintaining the high standards expected from this recommendation was crucial.

Setting Down Playground Markings for New Swannington Primary

We had to approach this project with a comprehensive plan, focusing on quality and precision to meet the school’s objectives. The key steps included:

  • Consultation and Design: We collaborated with the school to understand their specific needs and vision. The selected products included a Premium Roadway, Agility Trail, 1-100 Outline Grid, Copy Me, an Active Trail, Standing Long Jump, Hopscotch Outline, Netball, and Noughts and Crosses. These designs were chosen to provide a mix of physical activity and educational elements.
  • Site Preparation: A thorough site survey was conducted to assess the existing markings and plan the removal process. Ensuring minimal disruption to the playground surface was a priority.
  • Material Selection: High-quality, durable thermoplastic materials were chosen for their longevity and vibrant colours. This ensures the new markings will be both attractive and long-lasting.
  • Installation: Mark, our dedicated installer, executed the plan with exceptional skill and dedication. He worked around the school schedule and the presence of children, ensuring an efficient installation process. The old markings were carefully removed, and the new designs were laid out with precision.

What Was the Outcome Like?

The new playground markings at New Swannington Primary School have transformed the outdoor space into a vibrant and engaging environment. The various trails and games have provided the children with numerous opportunities for play and learning, significantly enhancing their outdoor experience.

What the Staff Had to Say About Our Playground Markings

A member of staff at New Swannington Primary School said this:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our fantastic playgrounds. We are over the moon with them and, needless to say, the children absolutely love them. It’s been a job getting them back into school. Marc was a complete trooper and worked his socks off. He was a huge credit to your company and worked around us and the children. He’s produced a masterpiece and we are so pleased, thank you. As I said, we all love it and I’ve attached a little video clip to prove that it’s not just the children!!”

Our Conclusion

The project at New Swannington Primary School showcases Designs & Lines’ ability to deliver high-quality, engaging playground markings that meet the specific needs of schools. By focusing on both educational and recreational elements, we created a dynamic outdoor space that benefits the students in multiple ways.

Our commitment to quality customer service and seamless execution ensures that schools like New Swannington receive the best possible solutions for their playground needs. We look forward to continuing our work with schools across Leicestershire and beyond, transforming playgrounds into vibrant, fun, and educational environments for all students to enjoy.

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