Reading Time: 3 minutes Why should we ditch colour-coded worksheets? We need colour-coded chopping boards in the kitchen because they can prevent cross-contamination between food The post Colour-Coded Differentiation appeared first on TeacherToolkit. … read more

5 Tips for Live Displays

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Reading Time: 3 minutes How can we improve our displays? We need to think carefully about our classroom displays so that they don’t do The post 5 Tips For Live Displays appeared first on TeacherToolkit. … read more

Smarter Professional Development

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Reading Time: 2 minutes How can teachers and schools gain access to the professional development they need? Over the past year, I have had The post Smarter Professional Development appeared first on TeacherToolkit. … read more

Improving Pupil Premium attainment means following the evidence and focusing on classroom teaching

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Daniel Jones, Assistant Head teacher at Springfield Junior School, Ipswich, explains why their Pupil Premium approach focuses on classroom teaching Springfield Junior School is part of the Research School network. A third of our pupils at Springfield attract pupil premium. We have previously been recognised for our exceptional outcomes … read more

Top 10 ‘Afternoon’ Teaching Strategies

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Reading Time: 4 minutes What ‘end of the week’ teaching ideas do you have up your sleeve? Teachers will be back to school all The post Top 10 ‘Afternoon’ Teaching Strategies appeared first on TeacherToolkit. … read more