Starting a new school year can be intimidating for teachers for numerous reasons, not least of all the need to remember everyone’s names! However, The Teacher Toolkit has tips and tricks to help teachers remember all the names of the children in their class. Building trust and good relationships with your students is incredibly important and can determine the success of your year, so find out how to learn childrens’ names and start your teaching year off right.

Transform Your Teaching in 12 Steps

We’ve all heard the idea of taking various steps towards success. However, the ICO’s ‘twelve steps to take now’ is a great place for teachers around the UK to start. This idea has been circulating the news this week and encouraging many people. Schools and suppliers have been finding the steps helpful, practical, and a great way to prepare for another fantastic school year. Find out about the twelve steps here.

The Fight Against Teacher Performance Appraisals

The teaching profession is one that many people give up on after a year or two because of how demanding and difficult it can be. Many teachers and members of the public have been fighting against teacher performance appraisals for many years now as they believe they put unnecessary pressure on teachers and do not always lead to teacher improvement. You can read more about the fight against teacher performance appraisals here.

Creating Happier Workplaces and Happier Students

One of the things teachers are constantly fighting for in schools is creating happier workplaces and happier students. After all, surely we can get to a place in society where students are excited to go to school because of the things they will learn, the teaching styles, and the great teachers!

The evidence has been clear for years, happier children work better, don’t get sick as often, and have less time off school. Schools have been working hard to improve their facilities, update their playgrounds, and adapt their teaching methods to suit the students they’re teaching. You can find some great tips on how to improve your school to create a happier space and happier students here.

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